CCHR Leaked Emails Detail Scientology’s Underhanded Tactics In Attacking Psychiatry

If ever you wanted a direct link between the organization CCHR or Citizens Commission on Human Rights and Scientology, it’s in a batch of 87 emails leaked onto the forums of
While I can’t post all of the emails due to the sheer volume, there are some choice ones I’d like to present to you for your review.

The e-mails in question.

It goes without saying that psychiatry, as any other discipline, is open to examination and criticism. Some of the concerns raised by the CCHR, such as the harmful side-effects of psychiatric medication, are valid. However, the foundation of Scientology’s opposition to psychiatry – that psychiatrists are the agents of the Dark Lord Xenu (OT3) who are planning to take over the world (Ron’s Journal 67) and decided en route to instigate the holocaust (Psychiatry: An Industry of Death) – renders the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights and its cohorts a little unreliable.

Further, such as those detailed in these e-mails, and documented accounts of Volunteer Ministers preventing mental health professionals from reaching disaster scenes, which show the danger in the Church of Scientology’s attitude to psychiatry. Their beliefs with regard to psychioatry are their own, but their actions against it are underhanded and destructive.