Visiting the Southwark Council website, the concerned friend or relative can find advice centres on all manner of problems, from ageism and racism to alcohol and drug addiction. For the last, Southwark Council recommends Narconon, a drug rehabilitation program promoted by the Church of Scientology. Why is Southwark Council handing over vulnerable people to a sinister international cult?

Narconon is a drug rehabilitation program based around the teachings of L Ron Hubbard, founder of Dianetics and Scientology. Information on Narconon can be found at Wikipedia. Narconon’s methods have never been proven to effectively combat drug addiction. Instead, both Narconon and its crime rehabilitation partner Criminon act as induction material into Hubbard’s philosophy, and from there to the Church.

Why is Southwark Council delivering some of its most vulnerable citizens into the arms of an organisation described by Kenneth Robinson, then-Minister of Health, as follows:

“The government is satisfied that Scientology is socially harmful. It alienates members of families from each other and attributes squalid and disgraceful motives to all who oppose it; its authoritarian principles and practice are a potential menace to the personality and well being of those so deluded as to become followers; above all, its methods can be a serious danger to the health of those who submit to them… There is no power under existing law to prohibit the practice of Scientology; but the government has concluded that it is so objectionable that it would be right to take all steps within its power to curb its growth.”

If you are concerned about this please contact Southwark Council via their website.